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We are up and running in the 26th year of the Street 5k road races. The edition on Wednesday October 8th was the 151st edition of the races which Clive Thomas first masterminded way back in 1988. The Series has been renamed the Clive & Angela Thomas Street 5k Series so that we can remember not only Clive, but also Angela who had also been a big motivator and supporter of the races. The race on Wednesday was won by Frank Tickner in a nippy time of 15.09, with first female being Linda Lascelles in 19.32.



The race attracted 82 starters for the 5k and 8 juniors in the 1k & 2k races. There was a minutes silence in memory of Clive before the race,and then they were off. In the juniors 1k race Eddie Griffin won in 3.54 with Kai Snell first girl  just behind in 3.55. In the 2k race Tom Loader was first home in 7.52 and Holly Bigger was 1st girl in 8.10. We'd like to encourage all of the juniors to try and beat their time next month!


In the main event, the 5k race was the first for Frank since he relocated back to Somerset after almost a decade away in London. On the first lap there was a blistering pace with 2nd runner Kieran Young and 3rd runner junior Felix Rusby giving chase and finishing with times of 16.34 and 16.59 respectively. The 4th spot was also taken by a Harrier with Tom Dukes back in 17.27. 1st M40 was Weston AC's Keiron Summers in 17.52 in 5th place; with 1st V50 Paul Rose, Maiden Newton, in 7th place in a time of 17.56; 1st V60 was David Butt, also Maiden Newton, in 19.47; and 1st V70 Brian Clark, Langport in 25.40.


For the women after Linda's winning time for Maiden Newton was Harrier junior Charlotte Baker in 19.34 (23rd place); with 1st F35 Zoe Hayward, Maiden Newton , in 34th 20.50, 1st F55 Karen Shears in 27.29. That was great running by all and we hope everyone fancies coming back and shaving seconds off their time next month - edition number 152.


Full Results can be seen via the link on the right in the Street 'box'.




please let us know if we've missed a time......

Street Course Records 1988-2014


1          Rob Whalley (City of Stoke)                          14.21 (Dec 2000)

2          Ian Gillespie (Birchfield H)                              14.27 (Feb1998?)

3         Ben Tickner (Wells City H)                             14.45 (Nov 2007)

4          Justin Swift-Smith (Shaftesbury)                   14.50 (Feb 2001)

5          Lee Merrien (Guernsey Island)                       14.52 (Mar 2004)

Jnr 17-19         Ben Tickner (Wells City H)                 15.02 (Dec 2000)

Yth u17            Frank Tickner (Wells City H)              15.41(Nov 2000)

Yth u15            Joe Tavener (Wells City H)                17.02 (Mar 2003)

                        Matthew Dickinson(Wells City H)       17.28 (Mar 2010)

                        Oliver Fox (Wells City H)                    17.32 (Dec 2009)

V40      Jon James (Wells City H)                               15.26 (Dec 2005)

          Gary Eagle (Westbury H)                               15.29 (Feb 2002)

V50      Dickie Wythe (Wells City H)                           16.59 (Nov 2006)

V60      Les Lock (SW Vets)                                        19.12 (Oct 2013)

V70      Brian Mountjoy-Row (YTRR)                          24.15 (Dec 2013)


1          Gemma Turtle (Gloucester AC)                     16.32 (Dec 2009)

2          Rose-Anne Galligan (Glos AC)                      16.38 (Dec 2009)

3          Amber Gascoigne (Wells City H)                   16.44 (Feb 1998)

4          Clare Martin (Newport)                                   17.09 (Feb 2002)

Yth u17            Emily Smith (Wells City H)                 18.38 (Nov 2012)

                        Charlotte Baker (Wells City H)           18.59 (Oct 2013)

Yth u15            Charlotte Baker (Wells City H)           19.27 (Nov 2012)       

                        Emily Smith (Wells City H)                 19.35 (Dec 2009)

F35      Ann Taswell (Wells City H)                             18.48 (Mar 2007)

            Liz Wiggins (Weston AC)                                19.46 (Jan 2012)

F45      Michelle Kerfoot (Bitton RR)                          18.55 (Dec 2013)

Linda Lascelles (Maiden Newton)                  19.08 (Oct 2013)

F55      Marion Colman (Wells City H)                        22.47 (Feb 2007)

Becky Lee (Wells City H)                               23.11 (Feb 2008)

Julia Hector (Taunton AC)                              23.13 (Mar 2009)

F65      Jean Hughes (Langport RR)                          27.38 (Mar 2012)

Junior races:

1k        Curtis Stevens (Wells City H)                         3.28 (Oct 2006)

            Stephen Kerfoot (Bitton RR)                          3.33 (Dec 2013)

            Luke Baker (Wells City H)                              3.35 (Oct 2011)

            Nathan Smeeton                                             3.35 (Mar 2008)

William Carr (Wells City H)                             3.40 (Oct 2013)

Lucy Baldwin (Wells City H)                           3.40 (Dec 2009)

Amy Reakes (Mendip AC)                             3.43 (Oct 2006)

Naomi Marable (Wells City H)                        3.44 (Mar 2007)

2k        Alex Williams (Wells City H)                           6.52 (Mar 2013)

Luke Prior (Wells City H)                                6.58 (Mar 2011)

Kieran Young (Mendip AC)                            7.00 (Nov 2006)

            Vera Assis (Wells City H)                               7.26 (Oct 2007)

Lucy Baldwin (Wells City H)                           7.28 (Feb 2011)

Best mark only by an individual shown

Corrections/amendments to Paul Chadwick or Ed Tickner