Wells City Harriers


There were some great memories shared  at the Thanksgiving service for Clive at St Leonards Church, Butleigh and afterwards at the Victoria Club, Street, on Tuesday October 7th. His son Alan made us see and remember the good old Clive through his eyes and words, revealing many stories from long ago, as well as reminding us of more familiar recent times. We hope to add some recollections from those who were able to attend the service, and the social event afterwards to this website. 



Clive has been a Harrier member for over 30 years contributing a huge amount to athletics in the area, through his coaching, team management and committee role with the Club, the School, the County Athletic Association and the Schools AA. His gentle approach to life and individuals, and his touch at providing his expertise and experience in a sensitive way meant that he was widely respected. Rarely did he mention any of his numerous individual past achievements, and he was much more likely to draw attention in a humorous way to some past action that had gone slightly wrong: that way we could all learn, and have a good laugh, together.


The service at Butleigh was attended by a number that had known Clive: some as a school boy - a rugby player before he was a runner; some when at College when he started to take his running seriously; some as an athlete when he was competing at the top level; some as a school teacher and coach who motivated countless youngsters (& seniors) with his training sessions; some as a team-mate at the Harriers when he first came to Somerset and started the drive to make the Harriers competitive; and some as a committee man, organiser and promoter of some great events and races. Of course we also realised how much more he was from Alan's thanksgiving remarks: as a son; as a dad; husband to Angela ; grandfather; partner to Sue; member of the Brue Boys; fiendish table tennis player; golfer; party organiser; extra in Chariots of Fire; troll under the stairs; and as "Olive" to the French (& others).....


Clive will be sorely missed by all of us but our thoughts at this time are with his partner Sue, with his mum, and with his sons Alan and Neal and their respective families.