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Harriers Tuesday training Session
Tuesday 01 May 2018, 18:30
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Contact Jon James, Senior coach in charge

Training at Millfield track every Tuesday evening of the year. Open to paid up Harrier members - £2 per session (£20 for term of 13 weeks or £60 for year - 48 weeks - when joining using annual membership form) - or to non-athletic Club members (£3 per session). Age range 14-70. (Younger athletes only by invitation or if sub-21mins for 5k).This session takes place under the guidance of qualified coaches on the grass surrounding the track or on the track itself - wear suitable shoes for either surface.Group warm up at 6.30pm sharp after every athlete has registered and paid at track side.


The session varies according to time of year but will inevitably be aimed at cross-country runners (autumn/winter) or middle-distance/distance track runners (spring/summer) with 5km/10km road runners catered for all year round. These will be quality sessions involving a hard work out.


Numbers attending on average will be 40 with smaller numbers on the 2nd Tuesday of every month as it is the night before the Street 5km road race  (see separate calendar entry).

Senior Coach: Jon James assisted by other Endurance coaches, particularly Simon Prior. Ian Eddy in charge of register in the announcer's hut.

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Tuesday Night Training Sessions:                                       May-June 2018

Date Track session Grass session Notes
1st May 500 metres/400 metres/300 metres/ 200 metres x 2 (x3 for seniors) Two minutes between reps and 5 minutes between sets 5 * 5 mins (1 min recovery)

5th May: British League

6th May: SW League

8th May

6 sets of (2 * 300m, with 30s recovery); 1 lap very slow jog between sets

Junior session: 4 sets

8 minute effort, 90s recovery, 8 * 1 minute hard with 1 minute recovery, 8 minute effort

9th May: Yeovilton 5K

12/13 May: Somerset AA champs, Yeovil

15th May 1000m (@1500m pace), 10 mins, 500m (@800m pace), 5 mins, 300m (@400m pace), 3 mins, 200m (flat out) 5/6 * 1K (3 mins recovery) – aim should be to run these fast with recovery active – walk, then jog)

20 May: Wessex Ridgeway Relay

20 May: Southern athletics league

22nd May

Track: 5 * 200m (30s recovery),90s, then 2* 1000m (2 lap slow jog recovery), 5 * 200m (30s recovery)

Junior: 4* 200m (30s recovery), 90 then 2 * 800m (5 min recovery), 4 * 200m

8 mins, 6 mins, 4 mins, 2 mins, 1 min (all with 90 s recovery) 27th May: Wells 10K
29th May

2 * (4 * 500m, 1 minute recovery). 6 mins recovery – slow jogging.

Junior: 2 * (3 * 500m, 1 minute recovery), 6 mins recovery between sets

4 * 2 mins (1 min recovery): 2 * 4 mins (90s recovery): 4 * 2 mins (1 min recovery)

2nd June: British League

3rd June: SW League

5th June 2 sets of (2* 600m, then 300m). Efforts should be at 1500m pace and recovery between efforts should be half the effort time. 2 lap very slow jog between sets 6 * 90s (with 45 s recovery), 6 * 30s (30s recovery), 6 * 90s (45s recovery)

6th June: Somerset junior champs (Yeovil)

9th June: Somerset schools champs (senior), Yeovil

12th June 4 * 400m (virtually flat out): 2 laps very slow jog/walk

3 sets of 1 min, 2mins, 4mins (1 min recovery between all efforts, 3 mins between sets)

Juniors: 2 sets

13th June: Yeovilton 5K

16th June: SW schools athletics champs (Exeter)

19th June

200m (30s recovery), 200m (30s recovery), 400m (1 min recovery), 800m (2 lap very slow jog in around 6 mins), 800m (2 mins recovery), 400m (1 min recovery), 200m (30s recovery), 200m (30s recovery)

Juniors: Only one 800m rep

3 * (8 minutes of an alternating cycle of jogging, tempo and hard running) with 2 minute recovery 23rd June: Southern Athletics league
26th June 1000m (@1500m pace), 10 mins, 500m (@800m pace), 5 mins, 300m (@400m pace), 3 mins, 200m (flat out) 8 minute effort, 90s recovery, 8 * 1 minute hard with 1 minute recovery, 8 minute effort

29th June: Somerset junior athletics championships (Yeovil)

30th June: Cotswold Way relay

Location Millfield Track (park next to Swimming Pool at Keens Elm)